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Spanish event in Ñ

Saturday 30th, 2014 7 pm hasta 10 pm Barra Ñ 2977 North Elston Avenue , Chicago, IL (editar mapa) At the restaurant Hello everybody! As I promised, We can do some salsa dance and dinner. This  restaurant it is NOT  BYOB. It has a Latin vibe. We can converse in

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Spanish Chicago event

Tango Sur, I know again!! Promess next time will be in a different place!  Spanish event is in Tango Sur 3763 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL (editar mapa) AT 6 PM I really encourage my students to come!! and speak Spanish. Like always is a $3 fee for the event.

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Spanish resources

There is one very good Spanish show in Youtube called “Mexicanos en el extranjero” clikc in here to watch it It is about Mexicans living in foreign countries. It is very clear. They show how they live in Barcelona, Estados Unidos, and different parts of the worlds.

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Spanish event

We are organizing our next Spanish event in Mixteco domingo 13 de julio de 2014 6:00 hasta 9:00 Mixteco Grill 1601 West Montrose Avenue, Chicago, IL (editar mapa) I hope everybody can attend! specially my students!!! The fee for organizing is $3 each. Let me know! Thank you

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Spanish event: Talk to my mom

domingo 15 de junio de 2014 18:00 hasta 21:00 Tango Sur 3763 N Southport Ave, Chicago, IL (editar mapa) At Tango Sur to talk to my mom! It is going to be fun! My mom doesn’t speak English at all! so you can have the opportunity to meet her. She is coming

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Spanish event in Pilsen, Chicago

Lunch and shopping in Pilsen Sunday May 25 11:00 hasta 14:00 Chimithurri 1454 W 18th St, Chicago, IL (editar mapa) In the restaurant at 11 am I know is like a brunch, but the idea is to finish early so that we can go to shop books in Spanish and ask them

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Speak Spanish and Tango night

This event will be on:  Friday, May 9 2014  - 9.30 pm to 11.30 pm Hello everybody! Fee of the event is: $3 dollars, paid to Mara when you arrive I am glad to do this event! This is a different event. We are going to have dinner

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Spanish in Chicago

Spanish in the US These pictures that are bellow are not in Latin America! This is Pilsen. It is amazing  the Hispanic  influence that the US has, to the point that there are sings in Spanish on the streets. You can shop, eat and do everything in Spanish

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Spanish Radio

Radio ambulante is a Spanish radio, an excellent way of listening Spanish and it is no fast. There are very interesting real stories in different parts of Latin America. I am even listening to this. The link is this one Spanish radio I highly recommend it!

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Tango Sur photos!

El domingo pasado tuvimos un Spanish event en Tango Sur, una parrillada argentina. Fue muy divertido! Vinieron alrededor de 15 personas. Hablamos español, tomamos vino y comimos muy buena carne.

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