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Venezuela Foods- La Comida en Venezuela

Venezuela has a lot of delicious dishes. One of it’s most famous dishes is ‘Las Arepas’. Arepas are an usual dish in Venezuela. They are eaten either baked, grilled, or fried;  also eaten as a replacement for bread. It is made from corn , and you can […]

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Latin American foods from Ecuador

Let’s travel to Ecuador and see what are their delicious foods. Ecuador has many famous plates. One of it’s most famous plate is Cuy. Cuy is a guinea pig that does not have a lot of meat. It is mostly skin, bones and gristle. It’s a  very […]

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Argentine food

Argentine food is known for its delicious steak (carne) and wines (vino), mate. Let me me explain to you why these are so important in the culture and also a very important cuisine. First of all in Argentina as in any country of Latin America, the family […]

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Delicious Mexican Food

Mexican food is delicious! It’s as simple as that. Latin American is known for its wide variety of delicacies and Mexico is a popular location for food tourism. The food is one of the many reasons travelers are eager to visit Mexico. Mexican Food Tamales, mole, pozole, […]

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Delicious Food in Latin America

Latin American food traditions A lot of Spanish speaking countries in Latin America are known for their delicious meals that they prepare. These Spanish speaking countries are known for their delicious plates that they not only make for celebrations, but that they prepare on a daily basis […]

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Spanish latin music

Spanish music Latin American countries have different types of music. A lot of these famous singers are famous for singing a specific type of music that drives their listeners crazy. For example, some of the popular styles of music all over Latin America are cumbia, reggaeton, and […]

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How to introduce yourself in Spanish

Common ways of Introducing Yourself in Spanish- -There are different ways of introducing yourself to other people when you first meet them in Spanish. All of these ways are correct and there is no problem in using either one when introducing yourself. One of the most popular […]

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The Spanish use of Parecer

Spanish verb: Parecer The uses of ‘parecer’ which means “to seem” or “to look like”. The uses of parecer in spanish has three important meanings. One of the meanings is used when you use a reflexible verb “me parece” which expresses your opinion .Here are some examples […]

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Spanish language: Venir – to come

Spanish Verb Verbs in Spanish end in /ar/,/er/or /ir/. In Spanish we have regular verbs which mean that the stem does not change and we have irregular verbs that the stem changes, if not in all pronouns in only one of the pronouns. In the present tense, […]

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Spanish pronunciation of the letter ‘z’ in Spain-

Spanish Grammar Did you know that Spaniards are the only ones to pronounce the ‘z’ similar to the ‘th’ in English? It is said that the story behind this, is that the king in Spain spoke with a lisp and after hearing people mock him, he decided […]

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