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Spanish in Chicago

Spanish in the US These pictures that are bellow are not in Latin America! This is Pilsen. It is amazing  the Hispanic  influence that the US has, to the point that there are sings in Spanish on the streets. You can shop, eat and do everything in Spanish

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Spanish Radio

Radio ambulante is a Spanish radio, an excellent way of listening Spanish and it is no fast. There are very interesting real stories in different parts of Latin America. I am even listening to this. The link is this one Spanish radio I highly recommend it!

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Tango Sur photos!

El domingo pasado tuvimos un Spanish event en Tango Sur, una parrillada argentina. Fue muy divertido! Vinieron alrededor de 15 personas. Hablamos español, tomamos vino y comimos muy buena carne.

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Spanish event photos

Thank you very much for coming to our Spanish event today at the tapas place Bulerias. Thank you so much! I would like to see more of my students!!! Check in here the pictures

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Spanish famous phrase from Einstein

Definition of Insanity in Spanish ….Check this out

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Spanish learning process

I have noticed that a lot of my students get very anxious and frustrated, because they want to learn the whole language in a day or in two lessons, etc. Remembering that anything that we learn it takes time, but it can be a fun time. This

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Listen audio in Google Drive with Mac

In order to listen to the audios in Google Drive you have to download them and then convert them in mp4 so that you can listen in to your itunes. There are many resources to do this but I found one for free if you want Let

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Duolingo Spanish app

TED talk by the guy who developed Duolingo. It is very interesting to read. A student shared it with me!

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Spanish song: Diana Ricky Martín

Escuchar la canción y cantar!   Ricky: Venga, aha, sigue Yo soy joven tu mayor eso ya lo se muy bien en las cosas del amor no hay edad y no hay porque no me importa que diran dame una oportunidad oh si, ven a mi

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Spanish event in Chicago

Spanish event from LALC Domingo 9 de febrero de 2014 18:00 hasta 20:00 Bulerias Tapas Bar 3656 N. Ashland (just north of Addison), Chicago, il (editar mapa) At the restaurant! XCHANGE Hello again! I hope to see you here to speak Spanish, last time was great. I went yesterday to Bulerias is great!

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